Cybersecurity Training

The training program is a fulltime 6 month program that aims to increase and reinforce awareness and train fresh graduates in cybersecurity in order to increase the country's cyber capabilty.

The training is offered for free to the trainees with the support of government, academia and industry.

NCSTP Timeline


Our hub reaches out to universities and colleges to recruit students who show the potential to align with the program's objectives and vision. Applications can also be submitted online.


Shortlisted applicants are invited for face to face interviews where they are assessed and given tests to gauge them.


Through a series of training sessions, the students will gain skills in cybersecurity as well as enhance their cyber awareness.


Students sit for various C.A.Ts and practical sessions to assess them. Students will sit for a series of exams and projects determine their successful completion of the program


Students who successfully complete our 6 month program will be ready for the job market and be able to choose a suitable career path in cybersecurity.

NCSTP Cohorts

We have successfully run 2 Cohorts and the 3rd Cohort is ongoing. We are currently recruiting for the 4th Cohort. Our cybersecurity training program has produced top cybersecurity professionals who have been absorbed by various industries to implement and execute they knowledge they gained from the program.

Check our previous cohorts below.

Cohort INovember 2018 - April 2019
Cohort IIOctober 2019 - March 2020
Cohort IIIFeb 2021 -