Incubation Program

e.KRAAL's innovation program focuses on nurturing cybersecurity ideas and innovative approaches that enhance and strengthen our country's cybersecurity capabilities.

Innovators will be offered mentorship, funding and space to execute their ideas into progressive and groundbreaking cybersecurity products.

Our incubation program has two main arms:

  1. Accelerator Program: Tool for rapid growth that focuses on startups past the early stage of product development.
  2. Incubator Program: Specializes on growing new and early stages companies.

Innovate Timeline


Applications are open. We go through a rigorous process of selecting the innovators with top notch ideas who will proceed to the presentation phase.


Selected presenters get to present their ideas and products in the presentation challenge where they get to give more insight on their innovations to a panel of cybersecurity experts and tech professionals.


Successful innovators with the most promising and viable ideas are announced and finally onboarded into the innovation program where they'll receive support and numerous other benefits.


Innovators will be offered all the resources and mentorship needed to facilitate building and actualizing of their ideas. They also get opportunities to network with top innovative companies and cybersecurity experts.


The innovators will also be provided with funding to build their products as well as the necessary resources needed to scale and grow these products.


The final product demo stage is where the progress will be reviewed and innovators get to pitch to different agencies and potential clients. This is a critical phase where most innovators get further funding or offers from the potential clients.

Get Incubated

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